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choreographer dancer teacher artist

Photograph by Brit Davis 2015

Photo by Luft Visuals 2019


Azzie McCutcheon (she/they) is a choreographer, movement practitioner, dancer and teacher based in Berlin. Her work focuses on the uncanny, illusion, and disrupting perceptive experience. She is interested in the spaces in between: what lies on the boundaries of categories such as un/familiarity, un/recognisability, un/human, and how exploring these perimeters can inform a re-questioning of what it means to be human.


Her work investigates interactions of movement, light and sound to create what Josephine Machon terms as ‘(syn)aesthetic performance’; referring to “a fusing of the somatic and the semantic in the creation, reception and analysis of performance”. This work has been part of Azzie's research for many years, beginning as an associate to the DAP-lab London and continuing in Berlin such as her recent project in-between. in between explores the uncanny through visual and aural ambiguity and the phenomenon of 'uncanny valley' and ‘pareidolia’. Within Azzie's work the moving body is key within the interaction of performative elements, acting as a gateway for the audience into the multi-sensual world being created and experienced. 

Azzie also uses her choreographic and physical practices in the research of archetypes. She is fascinated in how an audience may 'read' a particular character in performance and how movement can subvert these processes and reveal human intricacies. She is exploring how movement vocabularies pertain to specific archetypes, probing questions of what it means to be human in relation to the structures of our society and community. 


December 15th and 17th 2023 performance Wer jagt die Hexen?  funded by KiA-Program Projektförderung,with Violeta Lupis and Alexandra Iordanidou at Oktopus Theater Pankow

December 2023 - research residency on changing states inspired by PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder).

26.5.23 - Performance at Unfinished Fridays Lake Studios Berlin: a work in progress from the research residency Caricature at Lake Studios in May/June 2023


07.5.23 - 04.6.23: Residency at Lake Studios Berlin researching Caricature: developing of movement practices in illuminating elements of a character or archetype.

02.5.23 - 6.5.23 Residency at Tanzfabrik Berlin researching Caricature: developing of movement practices in illuminating elements of a character.

January - June 2023: research funded by DISTANZ-SOLO focusing on readjusting original background in drama into dance practices in the research of movement practices illuminating elements of a character.

Background photo by Tex Bishop 2014

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