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      ariana fae
fusion bellydance

Videography: Damien Charles





Azzie McCutcheon began dancing Fusion belly dance professionally in 2012, and since then has been performing under the name Ariana Fae.

Ariana Fae creates Fusion belly dance performances rich with musicality, atmosphere and character. Her style is inspired by a variety of different teachers and influences developed over years through her own research and unique creative flair. 































If you would like to book Ariana Fae to perform for an event, party, or to teach a class or workshop, please get in touch!



Ariana Fae has performed at a variety of events including parties, weddings, festivals, and performance events. Some of the venues include:

Firewater, London

The Silke Route, London

Hafla on the Hill, London

Brixton Hafla, London

The Firestation, Windsor

Bermondsey Street Festval, London

Stockwell Festival, London         

The Ice Castle, Brussels       

Tribal Dance Academy, Berlin

Shik Shak Shok, Berlin

Araboturka, Berlin

Art Glitch for Ukraine, Berlin

TribalFest Hannover  

Photograph by Nobu Sama

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