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contemporary dance teaching

Videography: Madeline Shann

Contemporary floorwork

Azzie's movement practices are largely focused on movement research, using different physical approaches to access movement in the body.


One focus is on exploring different textures in the body through imagery, memory and physical sensation. 


Another focus is our dynamic relation to the floor. This practice researches finding softness and fluidity through sensation, and principles of pushing, pulling and falling with a focus on our body in relation to gravity. Through this, direction and momentum are found, and 'sequencing' and spiralling are used to find efficient transition of weight through the body into and out of the floor. This practice has a few key influences including David Zambrano's Flying Low technique as well as drawing inspiration from Gaga, Marcela Giesche, release technique, and developed through her own practice and experience.


Azzie teaches these practices through classes and workshops in Berlin.

Contemporary dance classes and workshops 

Background photo by Tex Bishop 2014

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