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Contemporary dance

Azzie bw-10.jpg

Since 2012 Azzie has worked professionally as dancer and choreographer within the contemporary dance and art scene.


Azzie has worked as a dancer in London and Berlin with a variety of choreographers including the DAP-Lab, Marcela Giesche, Shai Faran and Dominique Baron-Bonarjee. As a choreographer her work took a new direction in 2014 when she began to create work collaborating across disciplines including sound, audio-visual, and installation, and began creating experiential and immersive ‘performance installations’. This brought her in contact with the DAP-lab, with whom she began to work as dancer and choreographer and returned to work with in London and Madrid.


Azzie is now based in Berlin and continues to work as a freelance dancer and choreographer for a variety of different projects including her own work, both solo and in collaboration with other artists.

Photograph by Luft Visuals 2020

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