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metakimosphere 1, 2 & 3


An immersive installation performance series in collaboration with Johannes Birringer and the DAP- Lab in London, and Hyperbody for The International Metabody Forum Madrid, as part of the Metabody Project (a 5 year project supported by the European Commission).

Each performance installation sees a re-invention and development of the idea: the creation of a living kinetic space or environment, using mixed media including video, photography, projection mapping, dance, sound, sounding objects, and wearable technology.

Metakimosphere no.1: performed at Artaud Studio, London 2015

Metakimosphere no. 2: performed at Metabody Forum, Madrid, 2015

Metakimosphere no. 3: performed at Metabody Forum, London 2016

Featured artists in performance include:

Metabody Partners: Jaime del Val, Cristian García (Reverso); Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux, Yoko Ishiguro, Vanessa Michielon, Aggeliki Margeti, Azzie McCutcheon, Hae-in Song, Helenna Ren, Christopher Bishop, Seeta Indrani, Martina Reynolds, Elisabeth Sutherland, Hongye Deng, Waka Arai, Hongye Deng, Sahsa Pitale, and Neal Spowage (DAP-Lab)

Participating Artists: Salud López (Spain) Nora O' Murchú (Ireland), Randall Packer, Galina Mihaleva (Singapore), Angeline Young (Arizona, USA), Maria Kapsali (UK), Simon East (UK), Janice Jones (AUS), Javier Aparicio/Javi F. Gorosti (Spain), Larissa Ferreira (Brasil) Caroline Yan Zheng (UK), Paula Aida Guzzanti, Martin Devek and Tristan Clutterbuck (Northern Ireland), Laura Potrovic (France), Federico Viso (UK), Kathleen McDermot (USA) Isabelle Arvers (France), Oji Obioma (Scotland), Jung In Jung (UK), Peggy Reynolds (UK), Anna Troisi (UK), at al.



Background photo by Tex Bishop 2014

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