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amorphous perception

Amorphous 1.JPG

Photo by Trinity Laban 2014


Choreography and concept: Azzie McCutcheon

Sound artist: nick quirk

Dancer: Eleanora Fraccaro

Examining oscillations between the virtual and the real this performance invites you to experience a space in which their distinctions may blur, and where the integration of cross-modal elements investigates a re-evaluation of seeing, listening and becoming.


Using interactions of live and projected movement, multi-directional sound design and strobe light, amorphous perception is an invitation to question your own experience of perception.

First performed at Laban London in 2014.

The edges of peripheral vision coax shape, color, form, and substance to blur into the indistinguishable phenomena.

Vision becomes sound, one dissolving into another

                                                                                                                                                                (Chris Salter)

Background photo by Tex Bishop 2014

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