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digging holes searching for blue sky


Photo by Tanxfabrik 2016

Choreography and performance: Azzie McCutcheon, Ben Korta, Claire Dutilleul, Velia Hahnemann, Evgenia Charlafti, Izabella Luca, Mona Lux and Joana Öhlschläger.

Digging Holes Searching for Blue Sky was born from research into transformation: the process of changing of states. This terminology refers to a dynamic and irreversible shift that occurs when the outcome of a process is different from what was before.


This project focuses on looking at this concept within our experiences of human existence. In life, in death, and in aspects of humankind in which we find irreversible shifts and repetitions of people and situations that continue to reappear each time throughout existence, yet each time appearing slightly differently than the last.

First performed at Tanzfabrik Berlin 2016

Background photo by Tex Bishop 2014

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