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touching sound touching body

Photo by Trinity Laban 2014


Choreography and concept: Azzie McCutcheon

Sound artist: Michael Speers

Dancers: Sebastian Abarbanell and Eleanora Fraccaro

Examining a reorganisation of space and the body, this performance invites an audience to experience an outside space via the sonic. Furthermore it investigates listening as a physiological experience: a corporeal hearing in which the whole body becomes the site of listening.

An audience enter the space and lie on the floor around a sub woofer in darkness.  A live feed of a dancer in an outside space is mediated through the subwoofer into low frequency sound. A second dancer moves in the space and is illuminated in moments of single flash stobe light.

First performed at Laban London in 2014.

I am touching sound, being touched by sound.

I am a resonating chamber. My body is attuned.

I tremble.

Behold. Behear.


(Deidre Heddon)


Background photo by Tex Bishop 2014

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