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Photograph by Gan Paulo

Photograph by Tanfabrik Berlin 2016

Movement and sound installation performance in collaboration with Katharina Bévand

Premiered at Performing Arts Festival Berlin, 2018

Metamorphoasic is an experiential sound and movement performance that blurs the line between performance and installation. It focuses on the re-imagining of a space as an abstracted version of reality. As an investigation into perception, into time and non-time, and into material and imagined memory, Metamorphosaic aims toward a re-evaluation of our mechanisms of experiencing and understanding the world on a physical, social and philosophical level.

What happens when we enter a space in which everything appears to have momentarily stopped or slowed down, or in which the body present does not appear to follow the same laws of linear time, or in which darkness, light and sound engulf us into a feeling of unfamiliarity?

"It was like diving into a bath of sound, vibration, and atmosphere" (audience member at Performing Arts Festival Berlin, 2018).

Choreography, concept and performance: Azzie McCutcheon

Sound and concept: Katharina Bévand

Trailer for Metamorphosaic from Premier at Performing Arts Festival Berlin

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